Asphalt Resurfacing Services in the San Francisco Metro Area

Properly sealed asphalt can last for decades, but it still needs upkeep. All types of asphalt surfaces wear down over time. High-traffic pavement like busy roads and parking lots usually wears out faster than residential locations, but eventually all surfaces need more than a simple patch to remain safe and functional.

When patching no longer cuts it, you can turn to us to get your asphalt surfaces resurfaced. We’ll carefully work with your existing surfaces to ensure they look good as new and are ready to serve you for decades to come

When to Get Asphalt Resurfaced in California

After decades of use, your asphalt surface probably needs some TLC. You should consider resurfacing asphalt if you notice issues like:

  • Puddles: If puddles always form in the same spot in your surface, it’s a sign that the ground underneath it is settling and it is no longer even. Resurfacing can fill in that dip and keep it smooth.
  • Small cracks: A single crack can be patched, but if a surface has developed multiple cracks, it may be a sign that it needs to be resurfaced to extend its lifespan.
  • Gravel forming: If your asphalt surface is starting to feel more like gravel or you notice small chunks breaking away, the asphalt is breaking down. Resurfacing ensures it will remain functional for years to come.
  • Small potholes: Divots, dents, or small potholes in a surface are often caused by normal wear and tear on a surface and can be fixed and prevented by resurfacing.

Talk to Our California Asphalt Resurfacing Experts

Keep your roads, paths, and parking functional and fresh by resurfacing them when they start looking a little rough. Reach out to our professional asphalt team to learn how our resurfacing services can improve your surface and get a quote for your project.